Vancouver May 6, 2007

Vancouver, May 6, 2007 was the Marathon day.

There is so much to learn from Vancouver, the cheerful people of Vancouver, and beautiful British Columbia. The Vancouver Marathon/half-Marathon on May 6, 2007 was an extraordinary phenomenon for me as a first time half-Marathon walk-run participant!

It was joyful. More than 15,000 people were sharing a rainy day and making it sunny by just by being out there.

Young and old were jogging for a better body and a greater community feeling. People were out there without their masks on: they were who they were, enjoying Nature, and the run, becoming better people than they were before.

Health is an activity, an action, something to be achieved by doing things, going out, walking, running, or just breathing deeply. Health should be a goal and a desire for all of us to work towards and not just something for which to hope. Healthy bodies provide the basis for healthy minds—at least that’s what we know!

The cheerful men and women who came to watch the Marathon are all my heroes. They did not run, but came out to encourage, to inspire, and to cheer on the participants despite the rain. We could learn from them! We can always cheer on others! That is part of being human.

May 10, 2007

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