About Us

Welcome to the MiddlePeace Website

Primary work of the Middlepeace Clinical Counselling Society is to use education as a tool to promote mental health, relationship health, community belonging, social justice, inclusion, and equality.

We are a women led non profit organization and our base for this work is the learnings from the past 14 years of direct service delivery plus our professional experiences of having roots in a multi-disciplinary system.

Parenting, stress management, anger management, Children’s developmental stages, victim support, childhood traumas, domestic violence, couple relationship, anti-racism, emotional intelligence, self esteem, and numerous other subjects have been included in our weekly webinars during the pandemics.

We continue exploring and raising awareness about the complex issues such as domestic violence, and the concept of victimization in various formats and parts of countless projects.

By offering both in person (now after covid-19 restrictions has been lifted) and online psycho-educational programs we are empowering our communities.

Our vision is:
  • To promote emotional wellbeing, mental health, and healthy coping skills,
  • To bring the communities together to appreciate cultural diversity,
  • To help individuals and families to attend online webinars to overcome the stress during critical situations including pandemics, traumas, loss, grief, and loneliness.

Our key activities are offering group based programs and we extract our knowledge from the latest research and studies from the field of neuro-science, science of psychology, and studies done by prominent institutions and researchers.

We do simplify the concepts of relationship, emotion management, communication, conflict resolution, and empathy in our webinars via storytelling and engaging our participants to help us promote one simple message; We can work together for building healthier communities that we are part of.

We recognize barriers for a large number of individuals in all communities who avoid talking about their mental health issues due to the fear of stigmas, labels, and further alienations.

In our educational programs we use a culturally appropriate language that enhances learning not only for victims of crime but also for all individuals and families.

Middlepeace Clinical Counselling Society offers in person support groups, individual consultations, online education on trauma, parent, and couple relationships, plus podcasts on personal development.

Middlepeace team is proud to participate in provincial and federal programs in order to serve their Farsi speaking communities.

Collaboration and relationship building with our mainstream society is the ultimate goal.

Poran Poregbal; Co-Founder and Executive Director
Samira Gholami; Co-Founder and Director of Operation
Anahita Kaviani: Co-Founder and Director of Member Relation

Who We Are

Poran Poregbal

Registered Clinical Counsellor & Registered Social Worker

Since 1994 (in Sweden – Stockholm), Poran has held several multidisciplinary positions as a social worker, victim support worker, family therapist, and clinical counsellor. Since 2001 (In Canada- Vancouver) Poran has been serving individuals, families, couples, and groups through the clinical and psychoeducational work she offers in her practice. Poran has worked for Government agencies, non-profit associations, and her private clinical counselling office. Poran has a professional background and extensive training in the field of Counselling Psychology and she is trauma-based. Upon graduating from Adler’s School of Professional Counselling in 2008, Poran founded GV Counselling and Education Society, following her long-time passion for providing quality mental health care services to her community. Poran offers clinical supervision to professionals and master-level students who reach out to her for support. In addition to operating her own private practice, Poran is an associate therapist for British Columbia Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse since 2004. Poran’s clinical orientation is mainly trauma and PTSD. She works with survivors of sexual abuse, child abuse, domestic violence, anxiety, stress, and grief and loss. She is two times Award Recipient from B.C. Association Clinical Counsellors (2011 and 2014), and Award Recipient from West Vancouver Community Awards for Health, Wellness and Activity (2014). Working towards inner peace requires hard work- involving facing our internal fears, weaknesses, and emotional turbulence.

Samira Gholami

Samira Gholami

Co-Founder and Director of Operation

Samira Gholami has a BA in Psychology from the University of British Columbia (2016). Samira has a vast interest and knowledge in psychology that makes her an outstanding contributor to the projects that our team is leading. Samira started as an intern and volunteer in 2016 with G. V. Counselling, a Society that Poran Poregbal was the Executive Director for. In 2017 Samira successfully completed a six-month-long Train the Trainer program that helped her to act as a Co-leader and Group Facilitator for the next groups. Samira continued her cooperation with Poran Poregbal after the start of the Middlepeace Counselling ins 2018. Samira is leading several psychoeducational programs for the Farsi and English speaking community. In addition, Samira is the leader of our program design and service delivery. Samira is adding to her knowledge and skills in working with Autistic Children as she is currently working as Behavioural Interventionist as well as working as a Family Support Worker. Samira provides family counselling and she is also pursuing her master’s degree in Psychology.