Parenting and Caregiver Support

Parenting and Caregiver Support
Parenting and Caregiver Support
Raising human beings is hard today considering the number of distractions. As a parent or caregiver, we need to focus and pay attention to the dangers of not attending to a child's need on time. Children need more education on mental health, emotional health, and empathy. Mindfulness, emotion regulation, respectful communication, problem-solving skills, and conflict resolution should be given priority in our school system today.

If you are a parent, you may know that parenting is the most difficult job in the world.
If you are not a parent and consider becoming one, you may have some ideas about how to raise a child.

In the case that you are a caregiver and non-parent, still you are involved in a series of daily fear, dreams, hopes, wishes, and struggles.

Giving care and attention to children on a 24/7 basis is really tough.

Raising children should be considered as a job, duty, task, right, responsibility, and a plan that needs detailed engineering.

Still, there are many aspects of parenting and caregiving that are unknown and ignored.

In our Parenting Programs and Parent Support Groups, we do explore children’s age development as well as discuss:

• Attachment styles
• Parenting styles,
• Children’s brain development,
• Child – Youth emotion regulation skills,
• Inclusive adult-child relationship
• Emotional Safety and respect for diversity,
• Self-care for parents and caregivers,
• and best practices for a culturally safe parenting style.

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Dear Poran, Thank you for your time. Your kindness is much appreciated. You really made a difference to all of us. I will miss you. Good luck in life.


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Dear MiddlePeace team, I would like to thank you for your great programs! I enjoyed the stress management which led me to register for your Parenting programme as well. I learned so much in the Parenting classes. I learned how sensitive is raising my child and also how can I understand my self better. Wish…