Parental and Childhood Webinars

Parental and Childhood Webinars

Date and time: Biweekly on Thursday from 7 pm to 8 pm

Location: Online

Price: $30

Start: May 28, 2020

In our weekly online parenting classes we discuss:
• Attachment and Consequences of Stress on Brain Development
• Understanding parenting styles and their effect on children’s attachment style
• Developmental stages in children and youth
• The whole-brain child- How to encourage an integrated state of mind in children

You can reach us by phone or email to book an appointment and ask any questions that you may have.
You can request an invoice for the session to use for your insurance company if you want for no extra fee.


این سمينارها به منظور آشنايي با رشد مغزکودك و نوجوان می باشد. در این جلسات ما در مورد راهكارهاي ارتفا هوش و قدرت حرف شنوي فرزندان جوان صحبت میکنیم. روش هاي رشد و تربیت فرزندان در این زمانه با هميشه فرق می کند و آموختن نقاط کور ارتباطي، جلوي خطر را حتما میگیرد.


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Our Clients

Dear Poran, Thank you for your time. Your kindness is much appreciated. You really made a difference to all of us. I will miss you. Good luck in life.


Dear Poran, Thank you for being my counsellor for the past few months. I’d not have made it through the personal crisis without your support! Thank you for your patience and for always being there to listen to my stories and thank you for not giving me up and tries your best to lift me…


Dear MiddlePeace team, I would like to thank you for your great programs! I enjoyed the stress management which led me to register for your Parenting programme as well. I learned so much in the Parenting classes. I learned how sensitive is raising my child and also how can I understand my self better. Wish…