Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision
Clinical Supervision
A culturally and Trauma-informed based clinical supervision helps you to become the professional counsellor that you like to be. This is about having self-reflection and receiving feedback. Clinical supervision is for professional counsellors who like to be on top of their therapeutic relationship with their clients as well as the best ethical practices.

Clinical supervision and consultation by Poran Poregbal, MA, RSW, RCC

Most counsellors and mental health practitioners need clinical supervision as a continued self-care strategy and skill-building practice.

Poran is a mental health clinician with a multidisciplinary background. Poran is a registered clinical counsellor and a registered social worker (RCC and RSW). Poran’s 26 years of clinical practice both as a social worker and as a clinical counsellor along with her community involvements are considered to be a life journey for her.

Poran’s theoretical orientation is a person-centred Trauma-Informed Approach while Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Behaviour therapy is being used for her clinical work. Adlerian Individual Psychology and Compassion Focused Therapy are also areas of interest for Poran’s practice of counselling psychology.

Benefits of attending Clinical Supervision:

• Learning from a seasoned clinical counsellor with a multidisciplinary background,
• Understanding how trauma and post-trauma stress impacts your brain,
• Finding one to one clinical support and professional consultation.

Currently, Poran is working in Vancouver General Hospital as an associate therapist. In addition, she is practicing counselling psychology in her private practice as well as part of her community work.

Poran wears several hats. She has her own private practice as well as she is the co-founder of a Non Profit organization: Middlepeace Clinical Counselling Society.
As part of her non-profit work, Poran offers weekly psycho-educational seminars for her community, as well she is offering professional development programs for her peer counsellors. Poran is also acting as a consultant, clinical supervisor for business, and incorporations. Poran has offered clinical supervision to master level students and practitioners since 2009.

For years Poran has worked with survivors of sexual abuse, child abuse, domestic violence, anxiety, stress, and grief and loss.

Poran defines clinical supervision being a journey towards further skill development in a space that is confidential and safe to explore one’s mind.

A supervision session could include work towards:

• Reflecting on your own clinical work,
• Finding support,
• Developing new strategies to work with clients,
• Preventing burnout and compassion fatigue,
• Evaluating appreciation of privileges and power,
• Establishing therapeutic relationships with clients.
• Exploring your undrestanding of racism, sexism, misogyny, homophobia, and economic oppression,
• Appreciating a culturally sensitive practice,
• Adding to your professional work,
• And checking your view on the application of ethical practice on the day to day tasks.

Your need clinical supervision if you are:

• A master level student in the field of Counselling Psychology, Social Work, and Mental Health disciplines.

• A mental health counsellor or health care provider in the field.

This is a choice for self and professional development. At times as a student or new graduate, there are multiple areas of confusion that require clarity.

Attending Clinical Supervision will help you:

-Building cultural competency,
-Finding a professional approach to diversity,
-Understanding trauma and acculturation challenges,
-Learning to be aware of your own biases,
-Learning to de-stigmatizing and de-marginalizing with self-awareness,
-Combining compassion and empathy towards a therapeutic relationship with your clients.

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Our Clients

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