Train the Trainers for Mental Health Professionals

Train the Trainers for Mental Health Professionals
Train the Trainers for Mental Health Professionals
A culturally and Trauma-informed based training for anyone in the position of being a caregiver. This is about having self-reflection and receiving feedback.

Train the Trainers for Mental Health Professionals

Twice a year we offer a Train the Trainer programs that is beneficial to anyone in the filed of helping, dealing with clients, mental health professionals, and mental health practitioners. This is a chance of professional development for anyone being a helper – caregiver.

Middlepeace Clinical Counselling Society offers training in how we as a community could help our clients better.

Benefits of attending Train the Trainers Program:

• Learning from a seasoned clinical counsellor with a multidisciplinary background,
• Understanding how trauma and post-trauma stress impacts your brain,
• Meeting other professionals and learn via sharing.

A Train the Train Program could include work towards:

• Reflecting on your own view of mental health,
• Finding support to support others,
• Developing new strategies to work with individuals in a supporting atmosphere,
• Preventing burnout and compassion fatigue,
• Evaluating appreciation of privileges and power,
• Establishing proper ethically bounded relationships with clients.
• Exploring your understanding of racism, sexism, misogyny, homophobia, and economic oppression,
• Appreciating a culturally sensitive practice,
• Understanding the benefits of a trauma informed approach,
• And checking your view on the application of ethical practice on the day to day tasks.

This is a choice for self and professional development. At times as a student or new graduate, there are multiple areas of confusion that require clarity.

Attending Professional Development and Train the Trainer Programs will help you:

-Building cultural competency,
-Finding a professional approach to diversity,
-Understanding trauma and acculturation challenges,
-Learning to be aware of your own biases,
-Learning to de-stigmatizing and de-marginalizing with self-awareness,
-Combining compassion and empathy towards a therapeutic relationship with your clients.

Join us and learn more.

Our Clients

Dear Poran, Thank you for your time. Your kindness is much appreciated. You really made a difference to all of us. I will miss you. Good luck in life.


Dear Poran, Thank you for being my counsellor for the past few months. I’d not have made it through the personal crisis without your support! Thank you for your patience and for always being there to listen to my stories and thank you for not giving me up and tries your best to lift me…


Dear MiddlePeace team, I would like to thank you for your great programs! I enjoyed the stress management which led me to register for your Parenting programme as well. I learned so much in the Parenting classes. I learned how sensitive is raising my child and also how can I understand my self better. Wish…