Mindfulness and Mental Relaxation

Mindfulness and Mental Relaxation
Mindfulness and Mental Relaxation
Mindfulness is helpful for managing the vicious cycle of automatic negative thoughts, self-judgment, and self-harm. This is our chance to have self-compassion and self-attachment.

Mindfulness is an ancient and also a modern life vital skill that is being taught and practiced in many disciplines.

Why do we need Mindfulness and Relaxation Techniques:

Because life is hard at times. Our mental health challenges take us away from feeling good about who we are. At times we do not have proper support or we lack skills in dealing with daily tasks.

At times our sense of self is not developed properly. Mindfulness is a journey towards self and mind management.

This is a practice about:

Observing, Feeling, Knowing, Breathing, Being there for ourselves, and Managing our hardcore emotions.

In addition, Mindfulness is being used in the treatment of emotional dysregulations involving but not limited to generalized anxiety disorders, social anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, worries, depression, and anger problems.

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