Program Panorama: A Multifaceted Journey through MCCS Channels

Discover MCCS, where we have meticulously crafted seven specialized areas addressing the unique needs of our community. Delve into our comprehensive program range designed to foster personal growth and community resilience. Explore our understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder, empower future leaders through our Adolescent and Youth Leadership Development Program, and engage in mental resilience mastery for lifelong well-being. Our pathways also include navigating personal development journeys, empowering minds through counseling essentials, and training in psychology. Join us in transforming lives and communities across our seven specialized areas at MCCS.

Our 7 Educational Programs
1. Educational Program: (8 Sessions) Unlocking the Insights: Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD)

2. Adolescent and Youth Leadership Development Program: Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders
• 2.1. Adolescent Program: (6 Sessions) Adolescent Leadership Journey (ALJ): Empowering Adolescents for Success
• 2.2. Youth Program: (6 Sessions) Leadership Empowerment Pathways for Youth (LEAPY)

3. Youth Programs: (55 Sessions across 11 Skills) Mental Resilience Mastery Program: Empowering Youth for Lifelong Well-being

4. Parenting Program: (11 Sessions) Parenting Pathways Program

5. Personal Development Programs: (5 Sessions) Pathways to Progress: Navigate, Nurture, Transform –
Personal Development Journeys

6. Train the Trainer Program for Students: (6 Sessions) Pathways to Counselling Essentials: Empowering
Volunteer Counsellors at MCCS

7. Train the Trainer Program for non-students: (9 Sessions) EmpowerMinds: Psychology Pathways & Volunteer Training Program

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