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Recently I notice that some readers search for information concerning “Persian gang” or “Persian gang members.”  I am not sure if such group exists, at least for my part, I am not aware of such group.  However I wrote one article about one guy who was shot as a “Persian gang member” and this was in the news a couple of years ago.  Unfortunately, we hear that horrible news about vicious shootings out there, a reason to believe that such groups exists.  I guess the underground life of gangs is a place where individuals get stuck.   I believe there must be some young people from our culture, who might be caught in the dilemma of “gang” or probably what a “gang culture” could be about.  In any case, I invite these individuals to come forward and seek professional help.  Whatever the problem might be, there is always healthy and logical solutions to it.
Poran Poregbal

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