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1. One reader searched for an answer or a response for this dilemma: “how to make jokes at someone with an accent?”   This is the exact searched words. From this question or searched statement, we can only imagine or assume that the reader most probably wanted to know whether it is okay to make jokes of someone with an accent. Well, my question is why we need to make joke of someone with an accent, if we have done this and we feel bad about it that is another story. If we want to find a polite way of making jokes of someone with an accent, well, do we really want to risk offending someone? There is no polite way to make jokes of someone with an accent. We all have what accent we have, we cannot change it as we learn a certain language based on our caregivers accent.  I just encourage this reader to respect people with any accent and any difference. This is the safest we can be.

2. One question that led to Middlepeace website is this: “How to build a healthy relationship between mothers and daughters.”
Well to build any healthy relationship we need healthy attitudes, skills, and plenty of cooperation. This is certainly one huge area that human being in large need to learn about and no books in the world is enough to assist people in this area.  This is an ongoing process and needs sacrifices while willingness to listen to one another.  This rule works for any type of relationship. Particularly between mothers and daughters: remember all research shows that mothers need to be mothers and not friends. I hope that my reader will seek professional help to really build this healthy relationship.

3. Word by word verbatim of searched question: “do mothers of teenagers have rights if they are not listening to the rules?”
What I hear from this question is that a mother tries to understand her role and her rights as being a parent to a teenager.  Do we have any rights to be the parents we are supposed to be? Yes, we are the parents and we are right to be parent, a responsible and nurturing one.  I am not sure what this mother or this reader refers to when using the word “rights.”  It is not even clear whether the intention of knowing about this right is to figure out how to use this right or whether it is okay to punish a teenager who is not following the mother’s rules.  Another way to interpret this question is that the dilemma is about parent’s right to do anything if the teenager is not following the rules.  In any case, this reader or mother may have a difficulty in communicating with this young person.  I hope that this reader will seek professional help to create a healthy atmosphere in talking to this teenager and also listening to this young child.

March 11, 2009

Poran Poregbal

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