Healthy Relationship

How do we know that our relationship is healthy?

What do I mean by a healthy Relationship?

Now, we say, oh, we have healthy relationships, we love each other!

I say; love is an abstract concept, we have to define love based on many cultural and other factors.
Check points:

honesty and accountability
non threatening behavior
negotiation and fairness
shared responsibility
independence and autonomy
having affection or each other
trusting each other
communicating openly
listening to the other
considering the other person’s needs
letting the other be first sometimes
willing to lose sometimes
not trying to win all the conversations
it is okay to not get all attentions
taking care of self as well as the relationship
feeling comfortable
wanting to be with the other person
feeling valued by the other person
accepting and valuing the differences between each other
being able to disagree
sharing some common interests, activities or beliefs with the other person exchanging physical affection consistent with the relationship and commitment
supporting the other person in difficult times
remembering what is important to your partner
respecting and treating the other with dignity
With OTHER I mean our partner; husband or wife
do we have all these?

How does our relationship look like?

What does respect, love, affection, trust, honesty mean in our culture?
We have to explore them, for sure.

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