Forgotten Youth

Why our Youth are often forgotten? Am I serious? Yes.

We tend to forget our youth!

A baby is cute, and a teenager is difficult, why? Is that because a baby does not talk, but a teenager talks!

Some parents tend to forget their teenagers. They say; our children are grown up now and these children are supposed to take care of themselves!

A couple of years ago I heard of a teenager who was suicidal. When I talked to him, he said, that his parents came here, bought a big house, put him and his sister in that house, gave them the car-keys and visa card, told them this is Canada and here is the college you want to go to and there is university after that……….. and parents disappeared. This young man, who was 20 at the time, had lived here in B.C. many years by himself along with a younger sister. Both of them had taken good care of studies and else, yet, both suffered from depression and loneliness.

Their teen age years had gone to responsibility for a big house, government contacts, the car insurance, bills, taxes and more, while parents calling them every other day. What did this son miss: The love of his parents, the close connection to a caring mother and a father figure, having a sense of family and belonging?

When I asked this young man if he worked, he answered: no, we have enough money to live with. I wondered what about enough love! But, I did not say anything.

I am not suggesting that the parents of this young man were bad or irresponsible; they probably thought this is the best for their children. However, the question is whether we need to be more involved in our teenager,s life.

May 7, 2007

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