What People Search for to get to Middlepeace website

Everyday I wake up to think of how my website is doing. I am checking all the searched words or phrases that have lead readers to the Middlepeace website.

Past two years, I have regularly made notes of all those clues that has been helpful for Google to lead readers to visit Middlepeace website.  In summary I can say people are mostly looking for ideas for healthy relationships.

Some one tried to find out “how to help abused daughter.” knowing that someone is trying to help her or his abused daughter made me concern.  I wish that person will find proper help.

I have many search ideas for the “Persian Gang” and I believe they look for one article I have on this website about this serious concern.  I hope that I can make this website more useful to everyone looking for any idea that may concern our Iranian being.

What else people search for?  I see certain keywords, questions, and or sentences that people type in when they search for something.
Sometimes I have long phrases such as” Domestic abuse what happen until the problem is solved.”  Whatever people search for has a meaning for me as a blogger and as a clinical counsellor.

I believe internet has become a private resource for some individuals who do not share their problems with others.  It is obvious that there are many issues in our daily life that we do not know how to handle.  We Iranian as a collective have little confidence in psychology as a tool for building or repairing relationships.  I am sure that this filed as many others have been mishandled and abused in our home country and in our communities.

Once I saw this phrase “psychological problems of housewives who are harassing from their husband’s house.” This verbatim of the typed in question makes me wonder.

This way of searching for solution to very intimate problems reassures me that we Iranian as a group of people do need psycho-educational help. I can count down 300-400 of small words to big phrases which people have goggled for resulting to reach the Middlepeace website. This number may not mean anything, however it gives me ideas that information I am trying to share with my community are important. I will try to respond to most of those inquiries although they are being done anonymously. I will be happy to help if my writing could do that.
All the best
Poran Poregbal

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