Tired of Being Scared

We Iranian people  have been threatened mentally, physically, emotionally, psychologically, socially, and individually to NOT GET INVOLVED WITH POLITIC.   Now with the Barack Obama presidency we can see that asking for change is not about politics.  Asking for social justice is not about politics.  Asking for any rights is about our rights to be human.  It is about being worthy of living a dignified life.
For thirty years we Iranian people paid huge price for the loss of dignity. We have sensed and experienced this loss of self with our flesh and blood.  We have been told repeatedly to not get involved in politics. We have been consistency silenced and discriminated because we have asked for our rights. Extremism runs our home country; however no one can silence a nation.  No one can tell us accept the culture of death imposed on us.
For thirty years we Iranians have been ashamed and embarrassed to be called someone in “politic.”  Those who back in 1980,s misled us to believe politic was about partisanship and ideology were wrong.  The few groups of us who still believe in their old fashioned right or left sided “politic party” are wasting their time.  Some groups are truly stopped growing and they prefer staying in coma, a delusional view about right, left, and centre, the old fashioned way.
Let’s say friends;
Time has changed, those days of being in the right or left party is gone.  Today we have to stand up for our individual and human rights.  Now that we Iranian do not trust anyone leading us we should trust our own views on how we can be the messenger of change.
What Barack Obama did in his campaign was never about politics, it was about empowering a nation and establishing sense of resiliency.
For us Iranians the beautiful and peaceful power change in the USA should be a good example. A grass root development of trust and hope.  Now it is time for us Iranians to let go of our selfish ideas about ideology and rise above ourselves.  We can ask for change, a peaceful change.  It is about our mental health and sense of feeling alive again. We have to value health instead of distress. We have to value improvement instead of stagnation.
For those of us who are scared of getting involved in social reform movements:
It has never been about politics, it has been about denial of our individual rights to live a life worth name human.  It is about feeling our feelings and acting based on logic.  It is about letting go of our indifference. It is about peaceful transformation to a better life. We are definitely worth it.

Poran Poregbal

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