Tips For Being a Part of Your Community

For being part of your community you need to care, to be willing to share ideas, to move beyond what interests you or what might be about you. For being part of your community you need to know what benefits are coming your way. We will be part of a community because we need to belong, we need to be with others, and we need to survive.

Being part of a community is an unknown idea to most people in countries where superiority complex and inferiority feelings are big of problems.

I acknowledge the concepts such as community feeling, superiority complex, and inferiority feeling are terms that Adlerian Psychology owns.

Having earned a master degree in the Adler School of Professional Psychology, I cannot think of the concept of “community” without thinking of Adler’s pragmatic ideas about how we need to belong.

With this brief introduction, I will go back to the idea of being part of our communities.

Being an Iranian woman, I know and I am sure that most of us Iranians have experienced the lack of partnership in our communities. How can we partner if we are constantly discouraged and inhibited?

We are born and raised in cultures where there are always “superiors’ who are supposed to know everything and therefore anyone wanting to be part of any community is doomed to hardship and misery.

However, now with the new world we live in, we have a chance to part of our communities from various angles and create our own communities if we like. For being part of any community or any cause, we need to care enough for the welfare of others. Being careful and responsible is all you need to do to be part of a community. How hard is that?

Note: This article was also published in EzineArticles October 7th, 2010 by this author.

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