The Hisotoric Inaguration Day and Barack Obama

Congratulation to the world citizens
Congratulation particularly to the American People

The historic inauguration of Barack Obama to become the 44th president of the United States of America has created a notion of peace, hope, and health. This is the most inspiring and exciting event that I have personally experienced. This is a historic event that creates hope for the world, for American or Non American.

I would like to focus on the clinical aspects of this day and the whole notion of an African American man becoming the president of the US.   The significant meaning of this historic event relates to the fact that we have now entered the time where possibilities in our world are endless.  The impact of this historic event on people’s notion of wellbeing is noticeable.  Just the inauguration day will increase people’s psychological resistance.   It feels that Barack Obama has managed to create a sense of cooperation, a notion of encouragement.

It appears that the world is becoming a better world because of Barack Obama and his message of change.

This is the moment when people around the world are finding their strength back to resolve their issues, in a multidimensional context.

Inauguration day would be a day of laughter and tears, a day of joy and pride.

This day will be a day that time will stand still because history will unfold.  This is the moment when millions of we ordinary people pray for the day we can have such a peaceful transfer of power worldwide, the day where healthy minded people will take office and work for their nations.  Barack Obama is passing around a notion of mental health as well as physical health.

Barack Obama has emphasized on how prejudice and segregation based on color, race, gender, cultural identity, religion, and beliefs will be worked against not only in the US, but worldwide.

We are empowered to believe that Barack Obama and his presidency will create negotiation and change everywhere in our world.  This is the day of celebration of our differences and similarities.

The Inaguration day is about working for improvements of human rights around the world.  This is what change is about.
It is definitely a moment of pride just to be alive to witness such a day.

It is exciting to know that finally there is a president who is willing to work toward change not only in his own country but in the many countries around the world where hatred, war, conflicts, and violence has become an everyday reality. Inauguration day for many of us is about believing that peace will become our everyday work and reality.

The spirit of Dr. Martine Luther King is in the air and it is moving around, certainly it is making many nations believe in the possibility of a peaceful change.
Poran Poregbal

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