Story of an Unfolding Historic Election So Far

June 12, 2009 was the saddest day of our Iranian life and our history.
Everything else that has happened past 30 years of injustice fall in shadows of an obvious lie called election results.
People participated in an election believing they would make history by welcoming change and reform to our home country Iran.
Iranian people in Iran and outside borders of our home country did everything they could to elect a president they believe is best for our Iran.  It was a question about reform, however in which way.

The beauty and glory of this election was the peaceful format of all the debates and hard works of supporters for reform.
In this environment millions of individuals finding hope for change, their votes were twisted only 2 hours after the election pools were closed in Iran.
Result showed an obvious fraud and injustice, something that made millions of us fall in a deep psychological shock June 12, 2009.

Disbelief, anger, shock, disappointment, frustration, and sense of humiliation were only few of the reactions for millions of our nation worldwide.  A sense of discouragement, helplessness, and hopelessness however turned to peaceful demonstrations all over Iran and all around the world.

The impact of such an obvious election fraud on our psychological health is greater than any other epidemic illness. Now four days later we are watching all the brave, intellectual, smart, and courageous people demonstrating and asking for their rights in every corner of Iran.

All of us Iranians believing in change are living under extreme psychological pressure.

The wave of organized and sponsored violence, shootings, attack to peaceful rallies, and threat to individuals life do not keep people from showing their protest.
Justice in election became our main goal and still is.  Not only Our physical, mental, spiritual health in danger, but our sense of belonging to a peaceful world is now challenged.

The question is how much democracy and violence of human rights will impact our  individual, societal, and national mental health and dysfunction?
Another question is how those planning this election coup could underestimate Iranian mind and Iranian culture, which is about dignity and choice?
To keep our minds intact we can only be hopeful and raise our voice.
Peace for Iran and for the world is the only answer.
June 16, 2009

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