Sofreh Haft-Sin

Softfreh Haft-Sin: Sir, Somag, Senjed, Sabzeh, Samanou, Sib, Serkeh.

This is a collection of seven objects that in our culture represent the coming spring for us.  These objects have symbolical meaning and metaphorical value for our tradition.  It is incredible that each one of these objects has something to do with health and longevity. Just considering the meaning behind this gathering of unrelated things, we can appreciate the connection of Nouroz to a pragmatic and optimistic style of life.  This is amazing how much this tradition is secular, hopeful, and holistic.
Significantly we add several other things such as Sekeh, Samavar, Sonbol in addition to mirror and candles.

Five days left to Nouroz

Poran Poregbal

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