Thirty years later: our young generation takes their destiny into their hands. For all of us who marched the streets of Tehran and other cites back in 1979, now flash backs of memories are hard to cope with.
Here in Vancouver, B.C.: A group of young, intelligent, caring, and brilliant Iranians have come together to organize for actions against the brutality that is unfolding in our home country.
The methods this group of young Iranians are using are however different than our older generations ways of protesting.
This group are inviting to silent actions called silent scream for Iran.  Starting from June 16, 2009 the silent scream gatherings are being attended by more and more Iranians and all other supporters.
The beauty and glory of this way of protesting is that people use silence instead of chanting.
In these moments of silence people find ways to collect their thoughts while using the positive energy of other individuals who are all sharing the grief.
The silent scream is an innovative, pragmatic, and peaceful way of sending a strong message out there, although there are some radical Iranians who do not think this way.
However, what is for sure is that the peacefulness nature of the silent scream is obvious and attention grabbing.   I guess we Iranian in large are attending a new era of demanding our human rights.
Meanwhile our people are under horrible attacks in their homes and communities, we can only remain hopeful.
Silent screams and peaceful protests are proper ways to keep our minds intact while raising our voice in most loud ways by asking the international community to support us.
We believe that our people in Iran will win in this very unfair battle one day soon and justice will prevail in our home country. Meanwhile we silently scream, the loudest we can.

June 22, 2009

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