Imapct of Public Excecutions in Iran

No one can ignore the fact that our Iranian life, anywhere in the world we live in, is impacted by the news about / from what is going on in Iran.

With all evidence, the horrors in Iran continues so does the influence of these scary news on our minds. Not only, the number of public executions and hangings in Iran have increased, so does the number of crowd watching these scary scenes. This recent trend of being excited for death and darkness intertwines with how human right violations are all normal part of a much challenged life in our Iran.

Recently we heard the horrible news of how a large crowd of people gathered to watch the public hanging of 17 years old boy in the suburb of Tehran. This hearth braking news might highlight just a glimpse on how the brutal regime of Iran is exposing people to violence more than before.

The pictures that were broadcasted through the media, shows all men being excited for public execution of a young boy. Where is our humanity? What happened to our Iranian way of forgiving and being kind? Perhaps we have lost our aptitude for life, compassion, and humanity long time ago. For sure, consequences for this level of viciousness and repulsion are more that we can estimate.

What is the psychological impact of this level of exposure to killing and brutality like this on our future generations?

Just to guess some of the consequences is to question:
How could people be this De-sentiszed to pain and suffering?
What these watching crow (men) for these violent scenes be possibly be capable of?
How these men who enjoy watching death are treating women/ children and others in their community?
What happens to the victimized families?
Where is the human rights community?
Who cares about the public victimization and traumatization of our people in Iran?
When and how these nightmares will end? Where is hope?

Without a doubt when violence continues, it is difficult to converse about impact, healing and solutions.

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