Prayers for Peace

Dear God:

You know that we Iranian people are working hard to make sense of the unfolding events back home that hurt our souls constantly

You know that we are trying to comprehend the tyranny forced upon us, the bemoaning culture put on our shoulders, and the intricate retrogression

You know that we are fearful about the continuum of the miserable and much complex life back home

You know that we are deeply worried about the hardships caused by some rigid, impenetrable, and complicated people who are willing to sacrifice more human life for the sake of ideology

You know that we are suffering as a nation and as individuals, that we are tired of the embezzlement and wretchedness of those who are careless and those whose actions are harming us excessively

You know that our people are in emotional and spiritual pain, that our home country is in pain, therefore we pray for peace in Iran, the region back there, and the world,

You know that we need to remain hopeful, optimistic, and joyful, happy, and grateful for the things that we have and do not have.

Please God:

Enlighten those who are precluding joyful life in Iran and around the world

Strengthen us to embody humanism and humanity

Enforce kindness in those cheerful of power and reinforce trust for those without

Let us use reasoning, wisdom, and logic

Provide us with love, compassion, and passion for the mother earth

Let us appreciate freedom, choice, humility, and pride

Allow our children inherit laughter, tears, and healing

give us the courage to forgive and be forgiven

encourage us to learn be happy again

Let us rise above and beyond for those in need

and eventually let us grow both inside and outside

Sincerely and always grateful

All of us and the rest of us…

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Note: This article was originally written and published in EzineArticles September 30,2008 by this author.

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