Nouroz symbolizes growth, change, and human development.   In our Iranian culture we celebrate Nouroz which is the first day of spring.  We have to acknowledge the fact that Afghans, Tajiks, and several other nations also celebrate Nouroz.
Without doubt we are proud of our connection to the mother earth, the only reason for our New Year festivity.  Nouroz is a new day, a new life, and a new view.  In a one year period we live and explore all our options for being kind, doing well, and benefiting others.  Nouroz is about renewing friendships, resolving conflicts, and celebrating our human life.  Nouroz comes with spring, a time of rejuvenation, and finding healthier life style.   Spring for us Iranian is a time of reconnecting to our wows and to our values.  We Iranian develop ourselves with spring, this is why our human development is entangled with nature, sunshine, moon light, stars, spring, growth of  seed plants, trees, flowers,  herbs, bushes, grasses, and vines.
We cultivate and expand hopefully with our new year because we are supposed to do what the mother Earth is doing; to renew.  Nouroz invites us to find new hopes and new desires when the spring is knocking on our doors.  We celebrate by cleaning, renewing, and restarting.  Spring confirms our values.  We admire flowers, beauty, movement, change, and kindness.  We love fishes, animals, grass, fruits, herbs, and anything that stand for life. This is a culture described through thousands poems and texts left to us from those real Persians.
Ferdowsi is one great poet and philosopher from 10th century who describes our Iranian culture with thousands of poems.   In Shahnameh or the Epics of the Kings, Ferdowsi witness our love for soil, fire, and water.
Enjoy Nouroz.
Poran Poregbal
March 4, 2009

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