Nouroz Is A Style of Life

Did va bazdid = visit and re-visit

Nouroz is the time and visiting and re-visiting our loved ones while opening our doors to those who want to pay respect to us.
The beauty of Nouroz is the promise of a new year intertwined with new relationships.  The New Year and new life however require strengthening our old bonds as well as make new ones.  Nouroz is the natural drive and the health based motivation for keeping friendships alive.   We learn from our ancestors to visit elders or those we have not seen for a while.  In this ceremony we make the actual physical move to go and meet our loved ones.  The dynamic of visiting and revisiting our family, friends, and our acquaintances, has a peace promoting message.  The idea behind these Nouroz family gathering is to resolve any implicit conflict from the previous year and to create new bonds.

We have visits and we go back to revisit the same people, because this is only respectful to do so. Besides we make sure that we have paid our debt of receiving friendship.   We have to offer our alliance to people by making the effort and visit them in their home.  This thousand of year tradition is being kept alive by continuing the message of Nouroz, the notion of peace and real cheerfulness.

Five days left to Nouroz

Poran Poregbal

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