Nouroz Greetings

We Iranians use various ways to greet one another. This is part of our culture and greeting is about paying respect. Nouroz  greeting however is really special, it has many elements of positive psychology.  This is something to  acknowledge and celebrate.

1.    Har roz Nouroz and Nouroz piroz = Everyday be Nouroz and Nouroz be successful
It is not a coincident that we Iranian use phrases such as this one.  Greeting is an important factor in our interpersonal relationships.  Specifically during Nouroz, We Iranian greet one another with kind words, mostly using future oriented well wishes.  When we wish that every day be Nouroz, we basically hope for growth and change in our everyday life.  By hoping for a successful Nouroz, we challenge ourselves to do our best to celebrate this ancient Persian tradition with our best resources.  We basically want to use our healthy oriented mind to celebrate spring and New Year that is filled of new hopes and new achievements.

2.    Emsal beh az in salha = this year may be better than these years.
Again we look forward and let go of the past.  We like to move on in our lives and build better life in future. This way of greeting is positive, healthy, and peaceful.

Five days left to Nouroz

Poran Poregbal

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