Murder of Our Legends

The recent loss of our best legends are creating a sense of helplessness and hopelessness. The killing of our people seem to be one continued act while people are defenseless.

A stressed out nation like our Iranian one, these days has no time to breath. One legend after another is falling down, all after years of hard battle with the devils of our time.

These days it is hard to hear at least one good news about something benefiting people. There are barricades for people to express the self in a meaningful, contextual, and congruent way. Physical assault, murder of grieving daughters and mothers in day light, shooting of our young people who attend peaceful rallies, imprisoning our best women and men just because they ask for change; life can not get worse for our people in Iran and for all Iranian out there who care.

After 32 years of Oppression, now we are seeing most horrendous violations of human rights. Regime of tyranny and terror push our long time legends to silence, suicide, house arrests, and a life in the dark boxes of lies with guns on their necks. What is the solution? The heavy feeling of hopelessness among our best people of Iran is being sensed millions of miles away.

We need peace, we need hope, and we need laughter again.

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