Present Yourself With Dignity

There are many people who either exaggerate in presenting the self or at times mislead people in creating an image that may be their ideal yet not the reality. This is an existing problem in our community and at times concerning. In our filed: There are some people who walk around and call the self “counsellor” without having proper education or training in that area. There are those who call the self as a “psychologist” just because the person has a BA in psychology or any other subject, and so on. This illness of calling the self as something different or bigger, or using fake verbal presentations on the self, is widespread in our community. The problem is that big that at some point you want to puke when seeing people who really got the delusion of being whatever they call themselves as. In the line of our work as clinical counsellours, I recognize these fake identities all the time just because we tend to know one another in our community, besides, as soon as someone opens their mouth, they show their level of professionalism. Unfortunately we have those individuals in our communities who present themselves as mental health professionals while really they do not have those qualifications. Who get’s hurt here? For sure those “clients’ who go to see the promised “psychologist” who indeed has a BA in something. What happens to the clinical treatment on that person? Well, clients report to us how they are mistreated by these so called doctors or psychologists who enjoy finding the respect that our community has for those professions, misrepresent themselves. This is a nasty heritage we have in our culture, all those fake people who pretend being leaders in one or another way. Who can stop them? Well, i hope that the professional boards would recognize these misrepresentations by fake people and stop our clients being hurt more.

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