Mass Shooting in Colorado

Mass shootings are occurring here and there. Once in a while, we see those painful images with the shocking news that someone has opened fire on random victims. These stories are being repeated too often while most attention goes to the immediate response to a chaotic situation. Innocent people lose their life because the offender acts on his (seems like mostly men) anger. What was he this angry about so he could kill people for? Why this much hate?

All the profiling of the offenders can be interesting to watch on the documentaries, however how could that knowledge help authorities to prevent such tragedies? Surely, we cannot know what is going on in people’s head. Now in the case of mass shooting in Colorado Theater, the mother of this young suspect shooter James Holmes reportedly said something like” You came for the right person.” What did the mother know and how would she have been able to prevent this from happening? What was going on in his head to be able to do such a horrible crime? I guess the major question is “why, “whereas even knowing the motive for such crime does not help the pain and suffering that families of these victims are going through.
The scary news of shootings in schools and public places, freezes us for a while thinking where are we going to be safe. If people can be killed in shopping malls, schools, universities, and theaters, then where is safe? Main question is why these shootings happen? I guess there is no real and easy answer. May the victims and their families find some peace soon.

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