Listen With Your Heart

What do you do when you feel being hopeless? What goes into your mind in those moments of helplessness? What happens to you when you feel there is no help out there? What do you do?

You may feel that you have no options in front of you, still you try to seek help.

You see this dark place that you are stuck in and it seems that there are no way out, at the same time you know that you can get out if you do not give up.

You have exhausted every avenue and still you find no help. People confuse you because they give you nonsense advises. You do not know where to go for real and true help.

You start thinking that others have much better than you and others get help not you.

These are all true moments for many people who are struggling with finances, relationship, and life in general.

Question is: What is going on in your human body when all these real yet complicated thoughts invade our mind?

Indeed, our thoughts are only reflection of your financial, emotional, psychological, social, and individual reality. If we are unemployed and desperately looking for job because we have to pay our rent, then these thoughts are no hallucination but a glimpse of our life.

With the financial situation that millions of us are finding ourselves in today, with the world’s economy that is going to bankruptcy, how much of a hope do we regular, law obeying, responsible citizens have?

It is hard to believe that our hard work is going unrewarded. It is hard to comprehend that we work harder than ever, still we have less or we are more in-debt.

It is hard to look at those bank statements that have no good news for any one of us regular hard working citizens.

The daily envelops that reaching our doors, are the bills that are only making us more depressed and more hopeless.

What is really going on?

How many people can hold on to the thoughts that “everything will be alright.”

We often hear people saying that life is not fair and it is indeed not fair, for those of us who are doing everything right, still we are doing poorly in many aspects of life.

Listening to the stories of life, people reports of those who are trying to pretend that life is fair and just for all of us. The more these groups try to convince people that life is fair, people are hurt more. We can not deny how economy, politics, relations are hitting world’s citizens harshly.

For helping the sense of helplessness or hopelessness that many people feel in our current life, it is only fair to listen to people, to give them a voice,or at least acknowledge the hurt. Do not block people from telling you what is going on. Listen with your heart, this is the least you can do.

I guess by working harder and by trying to reach out more, we will collectively promote justice and hope. We need plenty of this combination.
Note: This article was originally published in EzineArticles October 29th, 2010 by this author.

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