Lies, dishonesty, inaccuracy, corruption, falsifications, and deceptions have caused great pain in our Iranian lives during past decades.  Evidently the quality of life back home has been directly impacted by the obvious lies told by those in power.  Our sense of integrity is insulted when authorities keep telling lies about the truth, power struggles, and decisions made over every one’s heads.
There are no needs of examples of lies, because each one of us Iranians know multiple of them.
Now the question is how do we feel about lies? How are lies damaging out trust, worldview, perception, and integrity?  Remember when you were a child and some class mates spread a rumor about you. How did you feel? You wanted to do anything to help clarify the lies and proof that you are not what they think you are.
During past 30 years, our human agencies and our human rights activists have worked hard to raise awareness about the level of injustice and lies in our home country.
After the corrupted election now in June 2009, we Iranians are now facing a whole new situation.   Now the heartbreaking lies about the killings, torture, rapes, and arrests of dissenters in our home country have come to the forefronts of the whole world.
The damages of lying to a nation in this large scale are many.  The direct consequences of a systematic lying that we Iranians have witnessed are anger, pain, frustration, and sense of humiliation.  This deliberate and corrupted way of lying to people in order to control or manipulate them, has caused serious damages to the structure of our communities.  Now that our people in Iran have shown clear distance from their government, people just feel an overwhelming sense of anxiety when they hear the damaging and perpetuating lies about the situation.
The bold-faced lies about shootings on the streets and the brutalities we have witnessed through our TV screens are another harm to people’s well being. It seems that Iranian government has nothing else to do than fabrication and misleading of our people.
Lies allow a stream of widespread pain rushes to our bodies, souls and minds. Lies, censorship, brutalities, and more lies have been a negative circle in which fewer and fewer people can tolerate it.   Lying by those in power does however help the truth to come forward by itself.  Resistance, heroism, action, collective attention and protests have been unfolding as result of the lies about our nation, our communities, and our families.  May the truth be always the only thing we stand for.
July 29, 2009

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