Letter From A Young Iranian-Canadian Student

I had a letter from a young Iranian female. 22 years old, who is born out of Iran and has never visited Iran.  She wrote:
While we’re enjoying the beautiful summer weather and people of Vancouver, people in Iran are being beaten up for their attempt of living in a democratic nation.

Iranians’ demands for gender equality, sexual preference, choice of religion, personal freedom, and expression of freedom are only a few rights that we may take for granted. Opposition supporters hailed the streets of Tehran after the results of the rigged election were announced. For those that don’t know, President Ahmadinejad, declared “victory” in the Iranian election on Friday and it was a disappointment that people could not contain and this is just a glimpse of what has been happening over this past weekend.

As sad as this is, people are not taking no for an answer and change is on the way.
A young Iranian student in Vancouver
June 14, 2009

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