On The Run Around the Globe

The Iranian culture has changed, life has changed for all of us and things are never the same.  All the good will and wishes for Iran seem to be written on ice. However, we keep the hope.  The Iranian culture has experienced many shattered lives and shattered dreams; still, the positive things that are happening are numerous.

We have got a couple of millions of us: on the run Iranians around the world. Why on the run? I call us on the run because we are running from a style of life that is not ours.

We are running away from injustice and sadness that have been brought to our national agenda. We are running away from a situation that is insane. We are in pain and we can not understand how to rescue ourselves from drowning in the ocean of lies and deceptions.

Why in the world we Iranian should have been the candidate for such a huge cultural attack?  Why we can never live our own life? How long we have to run more?  We are tired of this run and we want our life back.

What have we done to deserve the forces that have no rationale, no conscious, no reasoning, no national identity and no care for our home country?

Despite all the odds we keep in touch. Despite all the odds we share our knowledge and experiences with those who are in the run in our own home country.  Despite all the misconception we never agree with what is not right. Despite the entire misjudgement we do know what is right and what is wrong.

We are in the process of learning more about our Self, the true self of us, the self that has been kept in the darkness of lies, the self that is in pain, the self that has to be freed, and the self that will be freed.

As much as life is changing, our culture is changing, and modification in our traditions is to be analyzed more closely.

We may need to let go of a disposable culture that was passed down by suppression, instead keep the spiritual Persian culture.  We may need to get real with ourselves and see who we are.  There is a justifiable concern that irrational believes have been injected to our brains by the anti-happiness group of people. Still we know the difference between right and wrong.  We may be on the run, yet, we learn from places we go to. We learn from people we meet during our long run. We compare and contrast. We change.


Aug 2, 2008

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