Our Iranian community needs to discuss the three decades of Diaspora and its impact on culture, family life, and our next generations.

We have a large Persian community now around the world, which thanks to Internet and new technology could work together to find a common ground on many areas of life.

We need to learn cooperation and collaboration. We have to break the silence of all the stigma and pain we have carried. Our women and our young girls need to find a forum to be validated for all the human rights issues they are still suffering big.

Our men and women together need to share their knowledge about how we can help our next generations survive this culture of migration and constant move, with ties back home!

We have an Afghan community around us who speak Dari-Persian and who like to learn many aspects of cultural growth!

We have many other people from Tajikistan and other areas who speak Perisan-Parsi!

There are many charity organizations in Iran and around the world being run by our Iranian men and women. We could do such huge positive impact in the life of those who need the most!

May 31, 2007


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