How cynical, what is happening in Iran currently and past 30 years are a repeat of the Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Roman and Universal Inquisition.  How ironic that the killing, torture, and expurgation of our Iranian people have been called as an Islamic fight against heresy.

Today, the largest number of our best people are sitting in the jails, are being beaten on the streets, are being hanged publicly, all because heresy has come with these clerks themselves.

The level of hate, lies, deception, prejudice, and abuse of power by the Islamic regime of Iran are beyond imagination for our Iranian nation.

These clerks in Iran do not even know the history; they are repeating a school of thought that belonged to the Roman Catholic Church inquisition dated back to 12th century.

The executions, hangings, and killings of any one holding another belief than the clerks of Iran, are not a new behavior.  They continued same pattern as Roman church yet they called it a pure Islam.

How paradoxical that the history is repeating itself, yet in another format with the practice of an old doomed pattern.

We Iranians are suffering from the irresponsible decisions made by a so called holy power that is indeed a mix match of extreme form of religion and hateful beliefs towards people justified with name of religion.

The inquisition of our people past 30 years has been orchestrated by a group of clerks in Iran who abuse their power to kill, to hate, to destroy any one with a different belief.

How sad that these clerks do present their religion as holy and they fight the rest of the world to destroy “heresy.”  Aren’t these clerks a good example of practicing heresy?

Where is the true, real, and pure practice of religion, any of them? Human beings are suffering due to the falsifications, prejudice, and violations of all the borders, the border of respect to human life with or without religion.

Peace will come when and if our world establishes an end to the barbaric acts of those who are far from being holy.

June 30, 2009

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