Imposed Culture of Grief

To investigate our Iranian mind we need to recognize some important factors. A general emotional discomfort is what we clinicians see going on among our people from Iran. Why? Well, there are thousands of reasons, to explore one of them we can talk about the prevailing existence of grief in our culture.

Grief, sorrow, pain, nostalgia, feeling of loss, and feeling of inferiority has become on major part of our now shifted and manipulated Iranian culture.

As far as we Iranians can recall, we have a history of festivities, laughter, dance and music, family gatherings, and sharing of good moments together. However since some hundred years ago, some people brought in and injected this poisonous culture of grief into our national blood. Grieving for this and that dead person belonging to some hundred years ago has become a routine. Keeping the feelings of pain, sadness, anger, and discomfort have become a way of living.

Life and death have been woven together really hard, with almost no difference at between what is what The sense of being alive, happy, independent, creative, interested, or worthy all are just blurry western ideas for many millions of us. People are leaving their homes, loved ones, cities, and memories because they are fleeing horrible inhuman life conditions in our home country. The recent wave of immigration among our people are really concerning. What is going on? We keep hearing sad and bad news from Iran; something that drain our energies and leave us more with a sense of grief over a lost life back home. What is really going on? When will we witness some joy? When is enough really enough?

Note: This article was also published in EzineArticles September 18th, 2010 by this author.

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