Honour Killing Or Zero Tolerance For Female Body

Honour killing is about violence against females, a serious and complex social-mental health problem when there is zero tolerance for female bodies. It does not matter where this act of crime takes place; it is still a problem of the world and it needs the world’s attention.

Once in a while we hear this disturbing news about killing our female human beings because their families are suffering from rigidity, an illness that has always been the reason for violence, terror, and injustice.

The motives for the killings are to keep the families Honour, which indeed it will be gone by the act of murder itself. There is no honour in killing anyone and there is no honour in fearing female bodies. What kind of a man or a what kind of a family can hurt a female and call it an honour?

Honour killing is a corrupted action that is occurring only because there is lack of proper education in communities who are most in need of attention.

These individuals, groups, and communities see a connection between their honour and the female body they feel they own. What is really going on for these people? Are they hallucinating? Are they really thinking they own their female members? Where does this harsh thinking come from?

This female body in these communities resembles a beautiful sculpture, a painting, a piece of furniture, a pair of shoes that in all times have to be in the sight of its owner. Not owning this thing, means not having it, means not being in control of what you can have and control if nothing else in this world is controllable: The female body. It is unfortunate that these families have no honour to be part of the human community and respect the rights of their female members. Who they think they are?

Why female body is dangerous and threatening for these families anyways?

How come female bodies cause this much of fear and anxieties for some men? Didn’t they enter the world through this female body in the first place? Why can’t they respect females?

The answer can be found in a black box where there are layers of self-centredness, lack of knowledge, illiteracy, social poverty, and fear of losing something that does not belong to them: The female bodies.

Honour killing is about showing ownership; a distorted and sickening belief that has to be cured.

These men really believe they keep their honour by covering, hiding, controlling, disabling, torturing, and killing female bodies.

What is painful is that many of these female victims could be saved if there were enough parenting and family education in those communities. Still, we have to prevent future killing of women within the parameters of honored killing.

What these men cannot see or it does not go to their brain is that female bodies are not a piece of furniture to own, these female bodies are not only bodies, they are human beings and they have a voice, an independent idea of how they want to live their lives, and a right to live with dignity.

Honor killing is a symptom for mental health issues and a serious illness that has to be identified, prevented, and helped with proper education.

Killing of female human being is an illness that only exists among people who are unhealthy enough to not tolerate a diverse world where females bodies are big part of it.

Honor killing is a dishonoring act and dark side of the usual violence against women and it has to be stopped. This has to go to the agenda of all communities who still have one epsilon of honer.

Note: This article was originally published in EzineArticles June 20th, 2010 by this author.

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