Happy 13-Bedar

We Iranians  and all of us who celebrate Nouroz, we welcome 13-Bedar by having a day of fun.  Basically what we do is we enjoy spring weather and we finalize our festivities of Nouroz with 13-Bedar; d ay of connecting to the nature, having family time, and enjoy our healthy style of life.

13-Bedar for sure is a day of fresh air, good food, and laughter while being out there in form of a picnic.

This tradition is secular as much as our Nouroz is, we go out, and we take our body, soul, and mind to the mother earth.  We take our planted grass and we leave it to following water such as a river. In this way we return the grass to nature, where it belongs. We help the nature and we take care of it.
This one day of picnic is part of a cultural heritage that has been appreciated and practiced for thousands year.

13-Bedar is a day for promoting health, happiness, and family gathering.  This is a day when we meet our future days in spring and the rest of the year with respecting our outdoor live.
This is a beautiful ritual and we greet one another by saying; HAPPY 13-BEDAR.

April 5, 2009-04-05
Poran Poregbal

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