Green Movement

Past couple of months Iran and Iranians experienced a new era of social feeling (Adlerian terminology), a new sense of solidarity, and a new notion of fellowman ship due to many horrible events that occurred.  Thirty years ago after 1979 social shift in Iran, many of us feared that Iran’s next generation would be brainwashed and raised with ideas that are not in any ways close to our Persian heritage. However we all were wrong.

Our younger generation born after 1979 shows to be most democratic groups of us, who will build a new Iran away from ideology, racism, hatred, and sexism.  Most of us, however could not comprehend what this younger generation is capable of until the preparation for June 12, 2009 presidential election.  Here we could witness a new Iran and a new group of us coming to the play arena of Iran’s politic.  Although they experienced most horrible crack down after the election coup, still today these most intelligent group of us are fighting back for their rights.  This was how the green movement came to be about a new life for Iran.

Green has become the color for change in Iran. Green has turned out to be the color of dreams for a nation that has a long time been suffering in the hands of extremists and Islamic fundamentalists.  Green is now the color of peace for Iranians who ask for human rights and democracy.  Finally, freedom, justice, and respect for human life for Iranians are now highlighted in green.

Inside Iran: These days the green movement of Iranians asking for change is taking a new route.  With the opening of universities students are re-structuring their resiliency, their strengths, and their fight with a repressive government that is cruel and unpredictable.

Listening to the students demonstrations in Tehran’s universities, you can hear they chant: Torture-rape has no effect anymore.  Watching all the video clips and images covering the news about the green movement from all over Iran, you cannot distract the tears running your cheeks.

Outside Iran:  Everywhere Iranians are, those who can let go of own agendas and self-righteous type of behaviors, join all others who will in solidarity with our brave younger generation fight the darkest and most dangerous regime of our history.

Praying for peace is all the green movement does particularly these days when repressive regime of Iran is working hard to get the world into a war because this regime survives only in war and hatred.

Therefore:  Green is about appreciation of new life for Iran and Iranians in peace.

September 29, 2009

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