Global day of action for Iran

July 25, 2009 was the day for action for Iran.  Around the world, Iranians and non Iranians attended rallies to support the movement for freedom and democracy in Iran.  This day was about telling the world what humanity stands for.  Over two kilometer of a green scroll in Paris was a phenomenon to be proud of.  People around the world singed their names on that scroll to show their lack of confidence on a deplorable situation where an unelected president tries to stay in power with help of brutality against our people in Iran.  The global day of action was truly manifestation of people’s power.  This day was the continued action as result of last weeks of protests and screams for help.  It is certainly significant to appreciate the support from the international community for the human rights movement in Iran and for Iranians.  This day had another interesting point, which was about unity and solidarity for what is right.  Gratefully we can notice that the world is moving more towards human rights and moving away from violence and brutality.

July 26, 2009

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