Survival of a Culture

Survival of a Culture, the Iranian culture, depends on us. Who else?

Our Iranian community has an outstanding need to talk about many topics. Victimization is a concept we do not know much about, although all of us, nine out of ten of us, have been victims of crime, trauma, sexism, oppression, gender apartheid, racism, and violence. We have carried the burden of these crimes without any chance for addressing the pain and feelings associated with them.

We have never been told that we are not to blame.

Humanity and human rights is a strong agency, we have to wake up to it! It exists!

Each of us has stories of embarrassment, of humiliation, of hurt by people who use their selfishness to tell us how we should be! Times have changed. We need to speak out about the impact of that victimization on our physical, mental, and psychological health.

What is happening with our culture, our interactions with the world and our personal and national growth? What can we do to spread the language of love, joy, help, altruism, forgiveness, humanity, justice, and respect? How can we let go of our egos? We are fighting in the name of this and that religion, ideal, belief, and political interest instead of working for and with our commonalities!

We are survivors; our history is about survival and coping. We have existed and we continue to exist. We need to pass down the culture of survival instead of the culture of victimization!

A true, genuine and multifaceted help! We need to learn our own history again. We need to find those positive sources of knowledge and logic so that we can rewrite our history based on what we know now! We were taught as children that kindness, love, and respect work. Where is that kindness, love, and respect?

People are tired; we need peace: peace in our language, peace in our actions, peace in our thoughts, peace in our behaviours, peace in our families, peace in our hearts. Enough is enough! We should be able to discuss these issues! Let’s discuss them!

May 24, 2007

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