Change of A Nation

Congratulations Canada for the wonderful and unforgettable Olympic 2010

Winter Olympic 2010 was a real source of joy and pleasure for all of us.

Many of us feel transformed and changed forever.  It is hard to describe this gigantic phenomenon, still we know in our hearts that being Canadian has found a new definition and meaning.

Our children and youth had the chance to feel a sense of pride and contentment about who they are because the spirit of Olympic was all inclusive. Identity building and culture creation found a way in our children’s heart.  They will benefit from knowing who they are and what country they represent.

Millions of youth gathered everywhere to shout “Canada – Canada” as if they had never knew this word before.  A new, fresh, positive air was shared with all those who were caught in between two or more cultures.  Feeling as being one nation and being part of this larger truth of Canadian identity developed and shifted towards a new era which was blurred before.

Millions of Canadians experienced something extraordinary.   In every community people were part of what was going on here in Vancouver.  For many of us new comers here in Vancouver and for those of us who are native in this country, we could witness this huge, cheerful, and proud crowd on the streets.
For those of us who had the chance to walk on the streets of Vancouver, we could sense partnership, sharing, and ownership of the games. Here in Vancouver and here in Canada, we did see and observe a greater reality, the truth of community building.

For all of us media  users such as TV , we could orient us in the moments of the athleets hard work and challenges.   Being Canadian and becoming Canadian were the outcomes of a nation competing for a new search for identity.

Patriotism and championship for Canada turned out to become as an  embodied  part of every one of us, the essence of who we like to be and who we like to remain.

All kind of people from all backgrounds became one big proud nation called Canada.   Even though as an observer, we would feel to be part of this historic event.

Being witness to this wonderful historic phenomenon made many of us to be willing to contribute to this country whose humbled athletes changed our being in the world.  When it comes to ice hockey, it is now definitely a game that many of us who were raised to be fan of soccer,  we can  can cheer for this interesting game.  For many of us Iranians, integration to the North American culture is a reality here as we will enjoy watching the winter games that did not matter to many of us before.

Finally, it is clear that the notion of change in Canada and Canadian heart occurred because of a holistic approach to the Olympic 2010.
Thank you Canada and Thank you Vancouver for this true life changing experience.

Feb 28 ,2010

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