Olympic 2010

Canada hosts Winter Olympic 2010.  It is here in Vancouver.  It is happening in front of our eyes.  The opening ceremony was eye catching and breath taking.  The torch has been in every single community, what a sense of pride to watch this great event.

Seeing the torch the other night made me believe in hope for humanity, hope for light, and hope for community building.  I heard the inspiring speech that the torch and the Olympic is about a vision, about a nation, and about a hope.  The torch is all about sense of peace in a world when we need peace more than ever.  Being close to this historic event which is happening in our home town, it is an experience that each one of us feel it individually and uniquely.

Wish Canada and it’s great athletes all the best.  Certainly wish the most golds for this great nation and the best joy for all Canadians. We are proud to be part of this history making event.  And certainly, we may wish for our next generations to internalize this promise of connectedness which is all around us here in Canada.  The world is here and Canada is hosting the world.  What a inspiring sense of generosity and hospitality.

GO CANADA GO. We are watching and celebrating with you.

Feb 12, 2010


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