Canada Day

Canada Day Celebration is day of learning for many of us. A day to experience and to feel the feelings we have about this national day for connections.

July First is the official birthday for Canada. This day has a different meaning for every one of us; we celebrate it because:

· We live in this country,

· We belong to this community of “Canadian Citizens,” and

· We identify ourselves with the place in which we live.

I guess for us new immigrants, we are learning to feel connected to our new home country, we gather ourselves under this new identify as Canadian-Iranians.

It is certainly invaluable to go out and check the celebrations out, something that usually brings some tears to our eyes.

All colors, all different people with any and all religions and ideologies gather together with mutual respect, dignity, and pride!

I hope that one day we can have such days in Iran and other Middle Eastern countries, where people can celebrate who they are and how they are!

Thank to Canada and Happy Birthday!

July 1, 2007

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