Barometer for Our Ancient Culture

Years ago, I read an interesting quote whose author said that women are barometer for democracy in a country.   Now we may be able to argue that Nouroz is the barometer for our old ancient Persian culture.   Yes, I believe we can say that.   Just the fact that people keep enjoying this big event of the year, whether they live in Iran or around the world, we can appreciate survival of a culture that has been attached over the centuries.   All our great poets and philosophers such as Ferdowsi, Molana, Saadi, Khayam, and Hafez all have emphasized on Nouroz as a celebration of spring with the promise of new days.

Just surfing the internet, it is most exciting to see all the festivities and celebration of Nouroz by Iranian and people who are connected to this ancient Persian culture.  Nouroz is now not only being celebrated in Iran, but in many other countries and by many other nations who are somehow fascinated about  this beautiful, secular, and lively tradition.
Nouroz is really out of the ordinary, optimistic, and inclusive tradition.

Proudly we can learn from the history confirming how this culture based on validation of happiness has been handed over to us.  Although for many of us Iranians who have lived out of our home country for a longer time, Nouroz does not smell the old days we used to celebrate this tradition; still our hearts beat faster around this time of year.  Who can forget all the shopping for new clothes, new shoes, and new accessories along with goodies, fruits, and good food for these 13 days of festivity?  Still, we need to keep acknowledging spring and Nouroz. Still we have to do what our ancestors wanted us to do, to keep our culture alive; culture of peace and happiness.

Day 5 of Nouroz
Poran Poregbal

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