Another Genocide?

What is happening in Iran is not an internal affair anymore. This is a civil war imposed on a peaceful nation.

This is a civil war with civilians who take their life in their hands going to streets to ask for justice.

When all the doors for seeking justice through legal means are closed, when all the communication means are shot down, when attacks on people’s physical body is a reality, people find no other way but to fight back.

It seems to us Iranians outside our home country that our people are trapped and they are under attacks, literally under all kind of attacks.

The images that are coming out by brave individuals who risking their life for showing us what is unfolding in Iran, are heart breaking and harsh.

It feels that Iranian government with leadership of men who will not lose their face, are willing to silent people with any means they have.

The world has to understand that we should not and can not afford a nation being left alone under this massive and brutal attack.

After  thirty years of most horrible crimes towards our people, people had a hope for a change towards better with help of this election. They were willing to put the past in the past and move forward. People were willing to live under this current regime of Iran, yet with reform and change. Yet an eleciton coup changed everything towards the worst we could not imagine.

Now our great nation risk horrible suffering, if not in form of a genocide, more probably in form of a mass killings of our people.

Our life, our Iranian life has now changed forever. We are in a killing pain due to the unprecedented events that are occurring.

It is safe to believe that the world has a responsibility to not leave our people alone.  The clear picture for many of us includes a great nation as ours in the hands of most savage individuals who are trained for years to crash down our people.

Many of us are traumatized badly and our every day life is impacted in a massive scale. Iranian citizens around the world get together in protests and they share a uninsumountable pain that is debilitating them.

Peace in the world is a world’s affair. The events in Iran is about humanity being attacked in our home country. People are being shot at on the streets and attacked in their homes.

There are enough evidence coming out to prove this point, why we can not let go of what is happening. This is a door-to-door attack on people’s lives.  It is not only about their physical life, yet the emotional pain, the spiritual hurt, and the community’s suffering are all on the stake. The amount of fear imposed on families, children, disabled, and less powerful people are unfattomable.

It is obvious that our people need help from the free world .

This is no loner an internal affair because special guards who are related to terrorists organizations are holding our people hostage in the most dangerous way.

Now that all the reporters, bloggers, and media is cut off, the human life in Iran is in great danger.

In a regular dispute and in a free country people can claim their rights by going to Judicial authorities. Now when our Iranian authorities or at least those in charge are allowing this act of cruelty happening, where do people go for justice? people are left out with no options.

The world can not afford this blood shed in Iran to be continued. This is our responsibility as human beings to help anyone in pain.For sure our families in Iran and outside of Iran are distressed, desperate, and frustrated. Our physical bodies as well as our emotional bodies are in massive pain. Our mental health is the least that is in danger. Where do we go from this? Hopefully we find options. Soon.

June 21, 2009

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