About the Report on Censorship in Iran

Searching twitter, I came about to see a twitt and then report that startled me for a moment.
Not that there was anything wrong with this report: no, it was painfully true. Who does not know about the ugly reality of censorship in our home country? Who does not know about our young people doing anything to have access to internet or to find little information on the internet? Who does not know how many brilliant Iranian people are trying to use all the anti filtering systems they can in order for themselves to check their facebooks, see their emails, and surf the internet?
This wonderfully written report opened up a different view on how our Iranian life is changing. “Cultural Censorship in Iran – Iranian Culture in a State of Emergency” is a must read report by writers from Small Media Foundation, July 2011. Find the report through this link: http://smallmediafoundation.com/

Past 32 years of our Iranian life, we have been hearing and witnessing the worst unbelievable stories of censorship, harsh punishments, human rights violations, and life worsening conditions that are everyday life in our home land. Now, reading this report on censorship, you get a holistic perspective on the unimaginable impact of these censorship on people’s mind-body-soul, while our future generations are at risk of not learning anything about politics, history, science, and so on.
Hope there would be more research and reports on the psychological impact on the trauma of not having rights to access information. Human rights include having access to information about our world, besides internet and access to computer is today on new aspect of our human life. So what is going on in Iran and the scope of censorship is truly beyond conceptualizations.
The extremists, who are able to censor people in large back home, are trying to poison people’s mind here in our town like everywhere else Iranians have fled to. Have you noticed the number of places being opened so called mosques or more fashionable names such as cultural centers? Well, god knows how much the filtering and suppression, and false information is being shared in these places, just because the regime of Iran has only one commitment which is border less: censoring our culture and heritage. And guess what, without culture and heritage, we have no identity, and without identity, we lose our minds.
Read the report and find it yourself.

Reference: Khalaji, M., Robertson, B. $ Aghdami ,M.(2011). Cultural Censorhip in Iran, Iranian Culture in a State of Emergency. http://smallmediafoundation.com/

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