March 8, 2009

International women’s Day, March 8th was celebrated this year of 2009 in Vancouver, British Columbia with the hard work and efforts of the Iranian Women’s Cultural Society.
Again in the third year in a row, Kay Meek Center in West Vancouver was filled with Iranian women and men who came out to acknowledge women.

This evening was significant in order to remember women who have fought the odds of being a “female only.”   In our Iranian history we have numerous brave, courageous, and outspoken women who really battle their way into a human society.   This was a warm and joyful evening, appreciating Mrs. Fakhri Khorvash, a pioneer in the Iranian Theater and Cinema.
In our past century and even before that we know of many Iranian women who used their talents and skills to be part of a society that will only blossom when we let go of gender segregation.  Presentation about Mrs Khorvash showed us how we can be proud of calling ourselves Iranian.  She let go of her comfort zone to do what she liked to do.  She played hundreds of female characters who all wished to be emancipated and find their voice.

The presentation about the queen of Iranian Theater Mrs. Khorvash was clearly one sample of how many Iranian women try to be who they are.  It is unfortunate that in our Iranian culture we have not had a sense of appreciation for all our pioneers who fought to be singers, dancers, musicians, managers, writers, poets, movie directors, and artists in really unique ways.
Mr Ardalan Mofid set a positive and happy tone to this gathering by taking us to those women and men whose artistic work is admired greatly by the Iranian people in large.  This celebration came to be a night of reliving our recent history by calling out all the names of those who have left our physical world.
This evening was a successful gala.  Without a doubt there was a message of hope and optimism while there was a feeling for a community in the air.

March 8, 2009
Poran Poregbal

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