A Nation Under Attack

These days our Iranian families inside Iran and around the world are under an overwhelmingly huge pressure.

Inside our home country people are being beaten up, shot at, or sent to jails, due to the rallies on the streets.

Outside of Iran, the majority of Iranian people are glued to the TV-screens and Internet pages to find out what is going on in Iran.

In any case, we have never experienced this amount of trauma and distress in this large scale. the fear of losing loved ones in Iran and losing people in the very unjust war imposed on civilians in Iran, are just beyond imagination.

We are a divided nation, however we know what is right and wrong. our people are protesting against election results that are obviously contaminated with fraud.

Government in Iran does not show any mercy and shoot our people on the streets. The Cut off of all contact tools such as Internet, mobile phones, sms, face book, and other social networking sites are making us feel that our people are trapped badly.

In every major city of the world, Iranians try to raise their voice and ask for help.

Our younger generation are really frustrated, upset, and saddened over their friends being trapped by a regime who has announced war on civilians. a weak after election people waited for the highest judicial leader to step in and calm down the situation in a peaceful way, however all the hopes turned to distress.

The supreme leader of Iran announced he will not back off and he warned protesters to go back home or else.

We are mostly fearful for our people’s safety and well being in our home country. We have nowhere to turn for justice,while the government of Iran closed every door for supporting it’s own people.

Now what is left is to wait and to see how many people will be killed every day. For us who live outside Iran’s borders, we feel helpless, powerless, and hurt badly.

We can only imagine how hard it is for those living inside Iran while being attached by government special forces who seem to be most cruel individuals.

It seems that our home country is burning in fire. People need peace and hope more than ever, as the level of violence imposed by the regime is increasing.  Using forces against people will only make the situation worse. we Iranian are in great pain and suffering. Our people’s life is endangered inside Iran while people’s general Our mental well-being along with our physical, spiritual, and social health is under attack.

June 20, 2009


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