A Letter to: Fereydoun Farrokhzad (1936-1992)

We miss you in this significant, colorful, exciting, and turbulent show for the election of 2009 in Iran.  You were murdered because you were defending human rights and social justice.  You were silenced in a brutal death because you were straight forward, honest, and brave.   You were not the only one who perished from our earth however your absence along with all those who cared for Iran, like yourself, is noticeable.
When you were murdered millions of us cried, millions of us had nightmares, and millions of us were left angry.  When you were taken away from us like many other intelligent, smart, humble, and brilliant Iran lovers, we were left in fear and anxiety.  Our nation’s mental health, emotional health, and spiritual health has definitely deteriorated past thrifty years just because of all the attacks on our Iranian mind.
They killed your physical body but your legendary spirit is alive, honored, and present.   You and thousands other Iranians who were taken away from our nation are not only missed today but remembered.    All those dark years of 1980 and 1990’s, we Iranians suffered multiple traumas, yet they could not take hope from us.  Your murder caused a real painful, recurring, and disturbing memory for many of us.  You are a symbol for fight for freedom and democracy. This is for sure.
Since you left it took two decades until we could see some signs for democracy In Iran.  We are still not sure what will happen after this new president take office, yet we are hoping for anything better than it has been up to now.   Right now our home country is witnessing events that were only dreams in the past thirty years of our history.  These days our people in Iran are doing best they can to vote for the best candidate for presidency in Iran.  Young, women, men, and everyone have invested in one candidate they believe is better than the current president of our home country.
The amount of emotional investment, hope for change, and individual engagement, and active participation in what is unfolding right now in our home country. I am sure you are watching these events from where you are, however just to mention that people are never happier and hopeful like right now. .
Fereydoun Farrokhzad, now we really miss your presence in this enormous show.  You could be a real showman right now as you always were.  This is about honoring individual integrity of people like yourself, whose life were cut short because of the intolerance.
Peace upon you and the rest of our great nation who is hoping for change, a positive change.
June 10, 2009

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