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This website is designed to be an educational tool and discussion forum for everyone who is interested in knowing more about Iran, Iranian culture, and the Iranian way of integrating into life in Canada or elsewhere as an immigrant.

This is also a place for placing cultural words onto many areas of life: relationships, marriage, work, love, family, children, parenting, and much more.

The most important aspect of this website is the focus on the phenomena of immigration and the challenges of adjustment.

We will also have a chance to view some aspects of poetry, metaphors, and literature on the cultural understanding of many topics related to our everyday lives. Our culture needs to redefine relationships while expanding on boundaries, emotional and physical space, and also to learn to differentiate between individualism and collectivism.

We as a multicultural society have a lot to share with and a lot to learn about each other. We have a duty to pass on a healthy lifestyle to our children for whom we are responsible. Searching for a better life starts with creating peace, and peacekeeping is a responsibility for every single family and individual in the world. How can we live without peace?

Perfectionism is not the point here, yet, meaningful, creative discussion is. It is certainly my goal and desire to write using simplicity of language that all people can understand, and to make Psychology a public knowledge in our cultural package.

People are interested in learning about their own behaviours and thoughts, and although in the field of psychology the most fascinating language is being used, it is not the easiest for most people to comprehend, especially for people for whom English is a new language.

English is my second and even third language, which is why some of my writing might be vague and unclear to an English-speaking mind! I apologize for my errors and ambiguities in those areas. Editing and re-evaluating my writing will be my work forever. I am hoping for all the help and support I can receive from all friends and professionals in the fields I am writing about.

This website was launched in April 2007 and since then, I have worked hard to publish articles that are in line with exploring our mind. My goal is to work on it everyday. I invite you to share your ideas, stories, plans, hopes, dreams, and wishes about how we can keep a culture alive while renewing many aspects of it that may not be working.

I invite participation and development of new ideas about how to help our younger generation and next generations to learn about the positive aspects of our culture. We need to document our memories, stories, and narratives that have been passed down to us from our older generations.

I intend this website to be the bridge between the past and the present, between the present and the future, and between the past and the future!

I look forward to comments and suggestions, and also support from the community as well as any interested party.

I would be grateful for any feedback.

Poran Poregbal, RSW, MA, RCC.
M.A. in Clinical Counselling

Email: pporegbal@hotmail.com
For appointments call: 778-883-0591

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