Poran Poregbal

Poran Poregbal

Registered Clinical Counsellor & Registered Social Worker
299 24th Street, West Vancouver BC

Since 2001 (In Canada- Vancouver) Poran has been serving individuals, families, couples, and groups through the clinical and psychoeducational work offered to her communities.

Poran has worked for Government agencies, non-profit associations, and her private practice of counselling and psychotherapy.

Poran was the founder and executive director of G.V. Counselling society; A non-profit that offered services between 2009- 2018.

Poran has a professional background and extensive training in the field of Counselling Psychology and she is trauma-based.

The unforeseen situation with Covid-19 and the need for stress management skills made Proan and her coworkers go online and starting online webinars from March 2020. To continue the community support in December 2020, Poran and her coworkers established a non-profit organization to offer group-based programs.

“Middlepeace Clinical Counselling Society” is the result of the observed need and with the vision of offering educational programs highlighting mental health and relationship health.