My Great Grandmother

My Great Grandmother

Forogh Cobra Astaneha


Wisdom she had plenty of

My great grandmother I’ve never met

Brave and strong, she was a warrior

With immense respect for herself and others

Or to say “tender”

Grace she had plenty of

Had a taste for all the good

Or to have “style”

She always wore formal

Or to show “elegance”

Her hair was straight, long, and soft as silk

With her deep and bold brown eyes

She always had a small-think grin

Or to view the “profound”

Proud she was yet humble and human

Her life was a fairly tale, yet painful

She made a choice very early

To live her dream life

No matter what

Or to say with “joy”

My great grandmother

I’ve never met

Yet as a kid they told a lot about her

Stories I kept to my hearth and got warmed up

Stories that helped me dream

Or to say “legacy”

Time must have halted when she passed away

The love and cherish people had for her

She died a proud woman, being 72

Everyone yearned for her help

For the gifts of love she had plenty of

Or they say “compassion”

Time must have halted when she passed away

The hardship of last lonely years was over

Yet she was ready

To move on

Or to say “heaven”

She witnessed the unfair world

She knew the unjust life

Yet she had made a choice

For which she never looked back

Or to be “free”

She felt for the weak and poor

Shared the love with the loveless

Or to state”hope”

Forogh Cobra Astaneha

She was the youngest of three

Mother died early on

The vivid memory of the mom

She always talked about

A good connection to her father

She was proud of

Or to show “attachment”

The love for her older siblings

She always shared with others

Or to confirm “happiness”

My great grandmother passed down the worship

To my grandma and my mom

While grandma missing her a lot

As she was not given to her mom

As women did not have voice

Or to have “rights”

My great grandmother become close to my mom

Mom was first grandchild

She told stories of herself to mom, aunties, and uncles

Hoping they would pass it on

Or to let us “keeping it alive”

My great grandmother knew magic

Magic would happens when it was least expected

Yet magic could be stopped at the door

If you did not open your heart

Magic would blow your mind away

Like the seasons magical transformations

And the stars magical light

Or to speak of “god”

Forogh Cobra Astaneha

Her first marriage lasted only two years

Refusing to be abused

She claimed her dignity

And asked for divorce

Or to “find her way”

Divorce a doomed taboo

She took it to her heart

The brave warrior she was

She stood up for herself

And ignored the blames

Or to declare” self-control”

Two other marriages

Was what she had

Lived happily ever after

In every relationship

Her daughter or my grandma

Never had the chance

Of being only with the powerful mother

Her life could be different

If this brave great grand ma could decide

My grandmother came for visits

With wagon and white horses

With the chauffeur and servant

Who carried all the baskets of gifts

She bribed everyone with gifts

To be kind to her only child

Who was living with the step-ma

Who not always was kind

The story of Cinderella was reversed

And grandma got mentally ill

Very early on

Or they say “crazy”

My great grandmother tried hard

And lived her luxurious life

With many gold coins to tip

Places to go, people to meet

Yet my grandma was away from her

And great grandmother could do little

Or better say due to “patriarchy”

My great grandmother

Lived a life with dignity and self respect

Her legacy stays with me forever

Even though I never met her

She lives inside of me

As a spirit of love

Or the legacy of hope

And self-confident.

This was the story of my great grandmother

Beloved Forogh Cobra Astaneha.

Your Great granddaughter

Vancouver 2001