Moderation is the solution

For many young Iranian who are born elsewhere than Iran, it is important to explore our own culture as a main key to our identity.

We Iranian live in an exaggerated world, with many extremes to handle at once. We are stuck in many ways and we are tired of being oppressed.  We know ourselves as peaceful people, yet we are in conflict with ourselves and others.  We have internalized oppression and we censure ourselves very well.  Despite all we are resilient, creative, and strong group of people.

Despite all that is going on, we have to prevent any stereotyping and exaggerating.  We have to clarify that we Iranian are diverse group of people; however we refer to a collective mind when we talk about Iranians in general.  We Iranian, despite all, share same ideas, believes, culture, hopes, desires, and one home country.  Our thousands of years old culture has a deep root in our collective psyche with layers of attitudes, believes, and values imposed on us.

The inherited Iranian culture is in change, it has been in change forever and we are unable to utilize its components for our way of living. The notion of change is out there whether we like it or not.  We have had to deal with a lot trivia why a lot of true values are hidden or eliminated from our daily lists.   We are constantly adding more items to the baggage, while some of those items have nothing to do with the purpose of our trip.

We Iranian are universally the same where ever we are, we follow same patterns and we mostly enjoy same things. This does not mean that we have a universal group of us, NO; we are individuals who repeat the same old pattern that we have been introduced to. We seek higher education, buying homes, cars, and pursue higher status, while we miss the real point. The real point is we all are in need of recognizing our unbearable trauma that we live with, the trauma of an enormous inconsistency imposed on all of us.

We all wait for a magic to happen, we need change, yet we fear change, as we are anxious about the unknown. We let our lives be controlled by the ambiguous style of life, with fundamental religious facade. Now we cannot risk again, we need to know what will happen, yet, we fear the most.
Now what can we do? We still can do a lot and we are doing it. People write, make movies, talk and raise their voice best they can. Yet, the real external change in our home country is also dependent on the Internal change of its individuals. We need to learn healthy habits to deal with and cope with the extremes of our lives. What has psychology to do with our Iranian Culture? We can talk more about this and we have to find out.

Poran Poregbal
March 18, 2008